is the web portal for the original music of guitarist/composer Jason Denkevitz, as well as the related Steam Theory Band.

Steam Theory is Jason's recording project focused on releasing eclectic progressive instrumental music which incorporates elements of Rock, Jazz, Classical, Blues and World music. Jason composes, produces, and performs the material, along with different guest musicians. Thus far two albums have been released, Enduring Delirium (2010) and Helios Rider (2012). These can be heard/purchased from the 'Albums' tab, as well as found on Itunes, Amazon-mp3, and various other online digital music stores. Physical CD's can be purchased from

The Steam Theory Band performs around the Baltimore/Washington D.C. and surrounding areas. Its current lineup includes Jason Denkevitz on Guitar/Synth, Keith Misemer on Bass Guitar/Synth/Pedals, Michael Esposito on Guitar/Synth, and Roger Stewart on Drums/Percussion.

Past members include Nick Costa (Drums), Dave Klappenburger (Drums) and Nilz Schwerzman (Violin).




STEAM THEORY is the creative outlet for composer and instrumentalist Jason Denkevitz. He records and produces his own material, occasionally employing guest musicians to fulfill his musical visions. So far this has resulted in two full length productions: Enduring Delirium (2010) and Helios Rider (2012). Both albums exploring a musical blend of blues, fusion and world music set within a progressive rock framework. Several additional releases are in production.

Based out of Baltimore, Maryland, the STEAM THEORY BAND is an original instrumental progressive rock group which performs many of the original songs. Formed in 2008, the group currently consists of Jason Denkevitz on Guitar/Synth, Mike Esposito on Guitar/Synth, Keith Misemer on Electric Bass/Synth/Pedals, and Roger Stewart on Drums and Percussion. The style of music varies from jazz influenced numbers, to heavier classic/progressive rock songs mixing elements of blues, fusion and world music.

Steam Theory has performed in many clubs around the Baltimore/Washington D.C./Virginia region including: Orion Studios, the Artomatic Festival (2009 and 2012) in D.C., Govans Fall Festival, Huckas, Taps, Tyson's Tavern, Brass Monkey, the Java Lounge, and many others. Past and upcoming gigs can be viewed under the 'Gigs' tab above.

Videos of live performances can be viewed under the Video tab.

Samples of many songs are available here.

In August 2010 Steam Theory released the progressive rock album 'Enduring Delirium', currently available on iTunes and The album can also be bought directly from the band through the above 'Albums' tab.

A follow up album, entitled 'Helios Rider', was released in February 2012. The album has since been nominated for "Best Foreign Record 2012" by the Italian web publication

The band is currently available for booking! Please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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