Jason Denkevitz - Guitar and Guitar Synth

Jason took piano lessons at the behest of his parents at an early age, but only later when in high school did he become much more invested in music by adopting the bass guitar. He studied rock and jazz bass while playing in band Innocent Bystander and the school's Jazz ensemble.

Jason studied jazz Bass Guitar with Jim Charlsen, and began experimenting with piccolo tunings. Upon graduating from high school he attended University of Maryland College Park where he began playing more and more guitar in addition to 5-string bass. Jason performed in an acoustic guitar duo with Matt Stanton, gave solo performances on fretless piccolo bass at the schools Cultural Explosion festival. Working as a DJ at the school's Radio Station (WMUC) Jason would frequently use the station's production studio to record originals during ridiculous off hours.

Upon graduating from College Park with a double in Biology and Anthropology, he spent time working on original music and in 2000 moved to Phoenix Arizona to attend law school. While their, he formed the groups DC and Post-Tramautic Slurpee Syndrome with fellow attorney/guitarist Mike Magee. Upon graduation in 2003 he moved back to Maryland.

Jason lives in Baltimore, Maryland. He has composed music used in nationally aired television commercials and film documentaries.

Jason currently writes and performs with Steam Theory as well as fusion recording project PDFOP.



Keith Misemer- Fretted and Fretless Bass


Born November 12, 1953, Independence, MO.

Keith began playing music at the age of 13 on a Sears Silvertone six string guitar and taking lessons from the neighborhood guitar teacher. This quickly came to an end when the neighborhood band needed someone to play bass. He got a Univox violin bass, Fender Bassman 50 watt amp with 2-12 inch Fender speaker cabinet and started playing bass.

While living in the Midwest (Kansas) during the 70’s he had the fortunate opportunity to play with individuals such as: Darryl Holligsworth (Jerry Hahn Quartet); Mark Minkler (Brian Lasser, Jordan Sandke, Brandon Vance); Nan Geary/Andy Markley (Equinox). Keith played in local bands such as the popular Sahara (Joe Horton/Steve Braswell) while being in the backup band for Gay Brewer. It was during this time that he purchased his 1974 Fender Jazz bass and had the frets removed.

In 1981 he moved to Atlanta, GA. Here he played with numerous groups and individuals such as Charles Williams (Allman Brothers, Phish, Col. Bruce Hampton and The Aquarium Rescue Unit); Nancee Kahler/ Steve McCraw (Crack the Sky); David Romine (Greg Allman, Peabo Bryson); Dan Coy; Sandy Corley (Face of America); Bill Shirk (Derek Trucks); Ricky Keller (Kansas, Project Z) and his good friend Bill Kahler. For the next twenty years he played music, worked as a mechanical engineer, and on occasion was a sound man for local groups in the Atlanta and Athens .

In 2001 he moved to Connecticut and took a 4 year hiatus from playing. 2005 he moved to Baltimore, Md., met Jason Denkevitz and started up the project ‘Steam Theory’.


Current equipment that Keith uses is Fender 4 string fret/fretless;  Ibanez 4 and 5 string fretted with Roland GR-55; MTD fretted  5 string basses and sometimes the Roland PK-5A bass pedals thru a Yamaha Motif ES Rack. For back line he uses Crown amps and Acme bass cabinets.

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Mike Esposito - Guitar

Michael is a guitarist from Southern Maryland who grew up on artists such as Dream Theater, Opeth, Cynic, Jason Becker etc. He came to the Baltimore area and majored in jazz guitar at Towson for a semester, only to get cold feet upon hearing that music may not be the most profitable career choice. He never lost his love for playing (especially if it were as arbitrarily fast as possible) throughout his college career, and upon graduating, decided to give jazz guitar another shot under the tutelage of Baltimore's Michael Raitzyk. Raitzyk taught Michael the fundamentals of harmonic analysis, chord functionality, and improvisation, and it was through his guidance that Michael discovered that music is not a game to be won, but a language to be explored. Michael turned his attention to musicians such as Allan Holdsworth, Frank Zappa, Gentle Giant, Pat Metheny, and John Coltrane, and upon completing lessons with Raitzyk, began seeking serious musicians to explore the infinite means of expression that music has to offer. Upon auditioning for Steam Theory, he found these musicians. Let the exploration begin.


Roger Stewart - Drums and Percussion

Drums and percussionist. Studied at Peabody Institute. Music Production and Sound Designer at Paradigm Music Production Studios, Baltimore, MD.